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Our amazing staff helps keep the center running smoothly for everyone.

Elizabeth Norwood
Elizabeth Norwood, CPM

Since she witnessed first home birth at the age of 12, Elizabeth has been fascinated by the miracle of birth. That was also where she met Ruth, as she was the midwife attending that delivery. Serving women and families during birth has been a lifelong aspiration, and it is truly her calling. Between working in 2 states with 15 different midwives, she has experienced birth in virtually all its many forms. This exposure has allowed her to become the knowledgeable and confident practitioner she is today. She loves attending births in any role, rather as the primary midwife, assisting midwife, or something in-between. Elizabeth has studied and practiced birth work for 8 years, 3 as a midwife. She has attended more than 300 births.

Marlitta Camacho
Marlitta Camacho, Midwife Assistant and Birth Doula

My passion for birth started at a young age. I think it was having a mom as a midwife that got me comfortable with birth. When it was time to have my own family, my husband and I chose home birth with both of our biological children. We were later blessed with a daughter through adoption. In 2003, I started working as a doula, as well as volunteering with Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. I then decided to expand my services and become a Midwife Assistant because I wanted a more hands on approach, and my passion has always been natural birth. The midwives at Special Delivery have welcomed me and taught me so much. I am excited to be working with such an accomplished, well established team!