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  • Mary Bohan

Mary Bohan, APRN, CNM

My journey to become a certified nurse midwife was birthed during the years that I was having my own 3 children.  Although they were all born in the hospital, I was blessed to have all three as natural as I chose.  At the time I lived in Northern California and the birth climate was very supportive of natural birth.

We moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in March of 1988 to work with T.L. and Daisy Osborn, in the Osborn Ministry.  Our children were 2.4 and 6 at that time.  Now, my eldest son is married and has given my husband and I two beautiful grandsons, Noah and Isaac.  My daughter Jenny is married to a rancher and is a lovely architect.  My youngest son is a Captain in the Air Force and is currently serving in Okinawa, Japan.

When my 3 children were all in middle school and high school, I knew it was time that I pursued my dream of a higher education.  Four years later, I graduated from Oral Robert’s University Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  As there were no positions open at that time in the labor and delivery unit, I chose instead to begin my career in the Pediatric Intensive Care of a high trauma level hospital.  Several years later I was recruited to work in another hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care.  It was here that I knew it was time to finish my education and become a certified nurse midwife.  I knew that birth could be gentle and beautiful and that I needed to be with women, doing whatever I could to facilitate safe and healthy births. The week before I started my CNM education, I spent a week at The Farm in Tennessee learning midwifery basics from Ina Mae Gaskin.  It was during this week that I saw the beauty of out of hospital births.  The following week I began my journey at Frontier Nursing University.

For my clinical requirements as a student midwife, I lived on the island of Kauai, Hawaii for 3 months at a lovely birth center with an amazing midwife, Claudia Brown, APRN, CNM. It was here that I knew I had found my niche and would forever love home births and birth center births.  After my time on Kauai, I spent the next 3 months at Oklahoma City Children’s hospital working with Dawn Karlin, APRN, CNM in the OU Physicians group.  She showed me how a midwife can make a hospital birth lovely and peaceful as well.  However, I knew my desire was to work within a birth center setting.  On Valentine’s Day, 2013, I graduated from Frontier Nursing University.  Soon afterwards, I began working with Dr. James Ross of Tulsa, OK., while waiting for the right position to open that would allow me the opportunity to work as a CNM.

I’m now blessed to be working with Ruth Cobb, APRN, CNM at Special Delivery Birth Center and to be a part of each “special delivery”.

My husband and I have a heart for missions and have made several trips to other countries for medical missions and building projects.  Over the years we have been to the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and Honduras.  I currently volunteer weekly at Mend Pregnancy outreach doing pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin" - Mother Teresa<